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Saturday, November 17th

The Girlie Revue presents OBJET- Story Of Fetish

8pm and 11pm


November 17, 2018 08:00 PM until November 17, 2018 01:00 AM

The Girlie Revue, in collaboration with the producers of The Opulence Ball; known for its glamorous  and exquisitely decadent themed and masquerade charity balls, have joined forces to create and present  a new sensation of fantasy and subversive indulgence “OBJÉT: Story of Fetish”.



/ ōb-jeh /

(French for “Object”)  

OBJET is a collection of secret fancies and fetishable habits all revealed for the pleasure of your observation. An expedition into the realm of “pure fetish”. 

What is FETISH?

Often popularly defined as the sexual attraction or arousal to an atypical or non-sexual part of the body or inanimate objects, fetish is an exploration and cultivation of personal tastes. However, in connection to its original definition as an object of power, fetish- regardless of erotic intent- can impart power or powers, upon the fetishist or “worshiper”, or in turn hold power over them. 

About power, pleasure, and predilection, OBJÉT (21+) is a must-see  art and cabaret feature presenting 12 exhibitions, confessions,  and depictions of intrigue, enthusiasm, and obsession yielding pure, private enjoyment for things, acts, and for parts that instigate desire. The “Agents” of The Girlie Revue don’t just come to you as performers but as fetishists themselves. Let us take you by the hand on a guided tour through our secret worlds. 

Join us Saturday, November 17th,  on a visual journey of revelation, storytelling,  and addiction in high style, held within The Townsend, located in the heart of  downtown Austin. A private and intimate chamber dripping in beautiful satins and brocades under halos of candlelight where you, your friends or lovers, and others as voyeurs can indulge and delight in exchanges with exhibitionists. Where you can reach out into the dark and feel what reaches back. 

Those of you who are always up for the opportunity to enhance the mood and become a part of the environment yourselves, we encourage you to dress to express and transgress as you like. Fetish influences, lingerie accents, dark and moody, and dreamy and sexy all apply. 

Whomever you are, come forth. This is a night that must happen to you. 

..::Exhibitions by::..

Shi Feticcio

Mésséré The Darkness


Medrano Érotici

Althea Trix

Beatke Valtraud

Mr. Peeps

Legs Million

Lana Lioness

Xiola Zoire

..::Master of Ceremonies::.

 Mr. Peeps

“OBJET: Story of Fetish” is a double feature with an early and late show. 

EARLY SHOW starts at 8pm to 9:30 pm. Doors for early seating open at 7pm. Arrive early to enjoy a leisurely hour of delicious snacks and cocktails  from The Townsend Prefix menu (available for purchase at the bar).


LATE SHOW starts at 11pm to 12:30am. Doors for early seating open at 10pm. Arrive early to enjoy a leisurely hour of delicious snacks and cocktails from The Townsend Prefix menu before and during the show (available for purchase at the bar).  


* Show programs will be provided and each show will take a short intermission for a mid-show opportunity to mix and mingle and replenish drinks and delights. 

.::The After Party::.

At the end of the night for an impromptu night of  laughs, shenanigans and festivities within the beautiful bar of The Townsend until the night's end. 

..::TGR Tickets::.

TGR ELITE Seating for 2 guests: $120 ($60 per seat)

TGR VIP Seating for 2 guests: $100 ($50 per seat)

TGR RESERVE Seating for 2 guests: $80 ($40 per seat)

TGR High Top Seating: $30 (single. No table)

TGR Carousel GA: $20 (standing)

Each table is seating for two and comes with a special gift from us. You and your lover or friend can pick the table of your choosing. We have provided a tiered  seating chart for greater ease of selection.


*This event is 21+.